Nonorderly’s not an “actual” word y’know.

You’ll find it on some online dictionaries, but that’s mostly due to people making a few wrong turns while trying to figure out what the opposite of orderly is (to clear that up: the prefix you’re looking for is either “dis” or “un”).

Nonorderly sounds more deliberate than the other two, doesn’t it? Well, at least in the realms of this website it is. And this website is a celebration of pop music, and all the mayhem that comes with it.

It’s about the songs, the videos, the antics, the gimmicks, the triumphs and the mishaps. And most importantly, how they all make us feel.

It’s hearing the sax blare out in the intro to ‘Run Away With Me’ for the first time and swearing your life’s changed forever. It’s listening to ‘Flatline’ again years after its release and heading to Twitter for a bi-annual rant.

It’s waking up and reading that a new single’s accidentally hit the web. It’s waking up and reading that a new album’s deliberately hit the web. It’s squabbling over which track’s the best and watching that artist say they didn’t really care for any of it 3 years down the line. It’s mapping out an entire album campaign that’ll almost certainly not go how you’d like it to. It’s revelling in every perfectly executed tv performance and poring over each new interview.

It’s about the popstars – the good, the bad, the messy.

It’s Cher tweeting out “Wtf is mdna”. It’s all of Rihanna’s tweets circa-2012. It’s Michelle Williams blessing us, it’s Brandy spamming us with sponsored articles.

It’s Britney’s toothy smile, Gaga’s impromptu speeches, Mariah correcting her singers.

It’s Tinashe shading her label, it’s Olly and his outfits, it’s Zara spouting out quotable gold.

It’s about pop emergencies. It’s about pop calamities. It’s about pop miracles.

There’s never a dull moment. Chaos and confusion and clapbacks and creativity are on full display every single day. And we love all of it. Nonorderly embraces the music and the madness and realize them as one beautiful package that keeps giving and giving. We live it and breathe it and we want to shout it out at the top of our lungs and hopefully you feel the same way or this entire page was all for nothing.

Basically, pop music runs our world.