• She’s a singer-songwriter from New York.
  • She was first inspired to pursue music by the likes of Ingrid Michaelson, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and Vampire Weekend.
  • Her first guitar was purple – which is a very good colour.
  • She’s released a SLAMMER of a debut in the form of ‘Like A Wave’.


In our near-instant excitement upon realising we’d just witnessed the birth of a glimmering new popstar, we got in touch with Heather to bother her with all sorts of questions regarding her single, her upcoming EP(!) and a number of other topics. Here’s what she had to say:



HIYA HEATHER. How’re you doing, and what’s been keeping you busy recently?

I’m feeling really focused and excited. My new song ‘Like a Wave’ just came out and I’ve been rehearsing with my band as we get ready to start playing. I’m putting the finishing touches on my EP, and can’t wait to let people in to the other stories and sides of me that the EP is going to reveal. I’m also preparing to brave another New York winter. Wish me luck.


‘Like A Wave’ is a FANTASTIC tune – could you tell us what the creation of it was like?

Ah, thank you! I wrote it with my producer Jase Blankfort and the ridiculously amazing team of Andrew Diaz and Anwar Sawyer (A+A). There was a specific charged energy in the room that made writing the song kind of like being in a race car. It went by so fast, but it was impassioned and exhilarating. We wrote it in New York in the middle of winter, which always makes me laugh, because the song has such warm sensuous beachy imagery. The song came so naturally because we all understood the overwhelming feeling we were trying to communicate. I was reflecting on meeting this guy in a guitar store in LA and how I felt a crazy instant connection. We were all on the same page and it made the song develop spontaneously and smoothly.


And at what point did you take a step back and realize that this is the song you wanted to introduce yourself to the world with?

The song is characterized by being big and bold in a moment of deciding to go for it. This vibe of not being afraid and feeling confident in doing what you feel you want to or need to do is crucial to who I am and something that makes me proud. That is really what I wanted the first impression to be for people listening to my first single.


And it’s racked up so many plays across platforms like Spotify and YouTube already! How’s it feel to think about the fact that literally hundreds of thousands of people have heard your song?

I’m so happy that the power of the song is resonating with people—that’s really all I could hope for. I’ve been so into seeing in which cities people are listening to it most. I’m grateful to have these platforms where I can reach people anywhere. Let’s keep it going. :)


The music video for ‘Like A Wave’ does an excellent job of capturing the concept of the song. What inspired the idea for that video treatment?

I worked with this really inventive director named Travis Kopach on the video. It was important to me that the story of the video wasn’t predictable. I was not feeling shooting the video on a beach, especially because I live in New York, and having that flavor made the most sense for my first video. I wanted to communicate as much as I could about myself like with my favorite leather jacket with Beatles guitar picks on the back. What I appreciate most about the video is that even though the song says, “You got me good”, I end up taking control and taking the role of the artist instead of the muse. I wanted the determined vivaciousness of the song to shine through, and I think with me taking ownership in the video, it did.


I love how you say that acts don’t have to compromise artistry for universality. What popstars do you think are currently doing a great job of exemplifying this?

I have been enthralled with Julia Michael’s new music. I think she thrives with her authenticity and the specificity she infuses into her music makes her lyrics smart and artful, but also accessible at the same time. I love when she says she’s not one for drinking songs, but here it comes. Her commitment to writing what she feels is extremely tangible and that makes her music easy to connect to and universal.


You have an EP coming out later down the line, is there anything you can share about it?

I think it’s cool because when you listen to it, each song provides a different piece of me, letting you in to a different influence or moment. Overall, you get the sense that these songs have a common theme that courses through them and they were meant to be together. They each make a claim of taking ownership in their own way. One song is reminiscent of Regina Spektor and another has the vibe of Clean Bandit. It’s special to me that I feel I put my whole self into it, and it’s complete and empowering.


Do you think the EP listening experience is different from LPs in anyway?

I think an LP allows more room for ebbs and flows and interludes that flesh out the story. EPs are attractive though because they get right to the point. Every song is there to serve a specific purpose in both cases–the journey is just a different pace.


Do you prefer one over the other – as a listener and an artist?

I don’t have a preference. As long as each song and moment is deliberate and helps tell the story, that’s what matters.


Looking back on this year, what would you say have been the most challenging and the most rewarding moments for you?

I think the most challenging has been managing my eagerness while going through and respecting the process. I wrote so many songs that were personal and significant, but knew I had to be selective in what I chose to put out. During the past year, I’ve been productive in a way that wasn’t forced. I felt things naturally develop and that made me excited, but I had to be patient.


And of course, what’s your mantra for everything that’s coming up ahead?

GO FOR IT. I trust my instincts creatively and in life, so I’m just going with that.



You can follow Heather on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.