Truth or Dare with Gallo

If you don’t know Gallo, you really should.

For someone’s who only just released her (great) debut EP, Gallo stands out as a surprisingly fully-formed artist – with a uniquely crafted sound and vision that’ll grab you by the head and make you pay attention.

We’ve been on the Gallo stanwagon for a while now, after she crashed onto our radar with her first single ‘Sugar Daddy’, and then her magnificent follow-up ‘Truth or Dare’. AND IN HONOUR OF SAID SONG (as well as the EP release), we thought “HEY, let’s ask Gallo to play a little game of truth or dare with us as well!”

Unfortunately for us (but quite wisely of her), Gallo took one look at our dares and probably realized that none of this was worth sabotaging her entire brand’s worth for, but let me tell you that the one she did decide to go with was quite fucking spectacular (and the rest is pretty good as well).




TRUTH: On a scale of one to ten, how excited / nervous were you for the release of your EP, and why?

100 – I would say more excited though!

Nervous – because you spend all this time alone in the studio creating something genuine that you hope will resound with and move others in some way. So when it’s time to share what you’ve created you always feel a little vulnerable. I’m so proud of the EP though and the person and singer / songwriter I’ve become during this journey that it will always be a success to me!


DARE: Pen and release an entire song (or interlude) titled ‘Biscotti’ with at least one lyric based around that object.


TRUTH: What would you say was the greatest and lowest moment in the entire creation process?

So many great moments. Getting to collaborate with some brilliant creatives, having those incredible songwriting sessions where a song just flows out of you like it was waiting to be written, and hearing a song when it’s done! No low moments really. If there were any struggles there was always a lesson in there somewhere.


TRUTH: What’s the best song on your EP, in your opinion?

Hard to say. They all take you to such different places. A song I do tend to play more than others thought is “Paint Your Weapon”.


TRUTH: What was the last white lie you told?

Probably that I was 5 minutes away when I was way longer.


TRUTH: What’s one song you wish you could take credit for?

‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile.


TRUTH: What’s one thing you want the most out of the future?

To make a career out of doing what I love and being myself. I wish that for everyone.



Check back later for our petition to release ‘Biscotti’ as a standalone single.

And UNTIL THEN, you can follow Gallo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.