Remember just last year, when Fifth Harmony released three ridiculously amazing singles and a promising second album?

Good times. Happier times.

Since then, the group announced that they’d be keeping their name despite the exit of one member (what a WASTE) – and have spent the rest of their time pushing what can only be described as ‘Work From Home’ if it had all the gas let out of it.

It all appears to be part of an ongoing campaign to prove that the group is exactly the same as they were before, only with 20% less members and 80% less hooks.

They’ve now revealed that their next LP will be unleashed upon the world on August 25th, which is precisely one month away. The album will be called – and you might want to sit down for this – Fifth Harmony! Because they’re still Fifth Harmony! Even MORE Fifth Harmony than before, when they were also still called Fifth Harmony!

Anyway, here’s the tweet that confirmed it all:

And that’s about all there is to say, really.