The UK’s answer to Austin Mahone, Liam Payne, sat down with some puppies and Buzzfeed’s camera crew to answer some questions about life, love, and what exactly is happening with that music career of his.

When questioned as to which member of One Direction he’d most like to collaborate with, Liam replied “Zayn, because we do a really similar type of music” which is an incorrect but illuminating insight into how Mr Payne views his output.

Liam also shared that Nicki Minaj would be his first pick for a female collaborator, which is nice for her and doubly nice for us if it leads to a Cheryl-inspired version of her “Selener” rap.


  • ‘Strip That Down’ does reflect what is yet to come with his album. It also does not.
  • He’s got an actual collabo in the works with a female artist, but can’t say more.
  • One Direction will get back together at some point, but we knew this because they’re just on a HIATUS, GUYS.