So blasts the unassuming yet potent proclamation that propels the entirety of ISA’s sorta self-titled and undeniable banger of a single, ‘I.S.A’.

‘I.S.A’ (differentiated from her actual name by a not-entirely-clear choice of punctuation) is a declaration of many things. As the track progresses, ISA checks them off her list – letting you know precisely what she likes, who she wants, and how she functions. They’re the sort of truths that will strike a chord with most of the people that hear them.

But funnily enough it’s that one hook, in all specificity, that transforms ‘I.S.A’ from a personal statement, to a mantra for anyone struggling to navigate this existence. With it, ISA takes on everything tied to her name – the good and the bad – and decides that the only person who gets to decide what she means to the world is herself.

And isn’t that something we’d all like to do?