Meen Streets is back with his very first official single, following the release of his non-official (but still highly amazing) debut ‘Ice Cold‘ earlier this year.

‘Playboys of the Western World’ comes equipped with the lush guitars and synths that made ‘Ice Cold’ sound so brilliant, but whereas ‘Ice Cold’ moved in dramatic slow-motion as Meen Streets examined the remains of a relationship, ‘Playboys’ is walking briskly towards at the future.

Powered by Meen Streets’ mammoth vocals and relentless percussive beats, ‘Playboys’ properly hits its stride the minute it arrives at that roaring pre-chorus – which is the audio equivalent of a few dozen fireworks shooting off in the space between both your ears.

It’s also about a woman crushing approximately five men under the heel of her boot, so there’s really a lot to get behind here.