It’s the first New Music Friday of the new year – and one that’s marked by the release of Cupcakke’s third studio album, so all in all QUITE A MOMENTOUS DAY.

Our post format has undergone a minor change moving forward. Instead of dividing the week’s releases into three categories (the good, the bad, and the objectively hideous), our round-up will now consist of just two parts – the songs we’d love for you to hear, and then other “noteworthy” releases – which is a polite way of saying major singles from major artists that have more or less missed the mark.

As always though, the best tunes will be compiled onto one magical playlist for your endless entertainment, so remember to subscribe if you find that you like our picks.





  • While Bruno Mars is a Solid Entity as per usual on ‘Finesse’, his parts are simply the bridge we’re made to cross to get from one Cardi B appearance to another – each of which provide a much-appreciated injection of her specific flavour of charisma and energy to the track.

    Thinking about it now, Cardi taking on Sean Paul’s recently abandoned role as a living, breathing singles-salt shaker wouldn’t be the worst way for her (or us) to go through 2018, but she’s got that debut LP to worry about, so maybe we’ll save emailing this (undoubtedly ingenious) idea over to her team until sometime after that.

  • ISA’s followed her very brilliant, self-titled single ‘I.S.A’ with another assertive banger about self-love – though ‘Perfect’ serves as a reminder of her worth to someone else, rather than herself. “I don’t have to be perfect, so what? / Still you’ll fall in love” is about as #goals as it gets. You can’t spell inspirational without ISA, after all.
  • “Misery loves company” is one of more cynical phrases in the English language, but No Frills Twins use ‘Lonely With You’ to remind us of the sweeter side of it – capturing the warmth and solace that can be found in a person who understands your head-space, and how they needn’t necessarily have any of the answers to still make a difference. It’s a quietly powerful song, and one we like so much we’re choosing to ignore the fact that it was released two weeks ago (AS DID SPOTIFY AUSTRALIA, FYI) in order to spotlight it today.
  • ‘Filthy’, the new single by Justin Randall Timberlake, is a 6/10 that could be an 8/10 if it stopped faffing around and cut straight to the good bits. Still, it’s a zig that sounds substantially better than any of the zags we predicted, so that counts for something.


  • Rita Ora and Liam Payne’s contribution to the soundtrack of the latest Fifty Shades film is a straightforward synth-pop affair that aims to get in and get the job done as quickly as possible to varying degrees of success. Rita’s fairly valiant efforts to bring some sense of grandeur to the track are undermined by Liam’s substantially less enthusiastic delivery – and by the time he’s shuffled off it’s hard not to wish someone had just rung up a certain Mr. Malik for a repeat performance.
  • Charlie Puth has released a ballad.



And that’s that! You can follow the highly enjoyable playlist featured above by clicking right here, and make sure to check back next week to see what new tracks make it on.