It’s a low quantity but high quality New Music Friday this week, with quite a few familiar names popping out records that would deserve to be on some end-of-year lists but will most likely make none. #sadface

Still, they say a good song is the only accolade you need – or they should anyway – so instead of preemptively mourning the fallen soldiers of ill timing, let’s just focus our energy on giving them their time in the sun:




  • In a year that’s been plagued by the failings of older acts struggling to find their place in the new world, how fucking great is it that Lily Allen makes more sense than ever before? ‘Trigger Bang’ ditches the production of her past records for something more spacious and heady, but perhaps even more crucially, it acts as a reminder that Lily always had something of genuine value to say –
    and never thought twice about doing so.
  • Brockhampton very accurately label themselves as “the best boy band since One Direction” on ‘Boogie’, which is just one of the multiple songs featured on their third (THIRD!) album release of 2017. That track itself is the only evidence needed to back-up said claim – ‘Boogie’ is the musical equivalent of a party popper that somehow manages to spend the entirety of its three minute and thirteen second runtime shooting out an endless supply of confetti and streamers. NO, REALLY.
  • And in more good news, Charli XCX’s second (SECOND!) mixtape of the year is also out today. We’ve gone with the Kim Petras and Jay Park featuring ‘Unlock It’ as our pick for this playlist, but you should probably definitely consider giving the entire collection a listen at some point in the near future.


  • Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav reworking of SZA’s ‘The Weekend’ is perfectly fine in that this-will-do-until-the-original-sounds-less-familiar kinda way.


  • Imagine being stuck between a rock and a hard place – only the rock is Ed Sheeran, the hard place is Eminem, and their offensively unnecessary collaboration is the mangled-looking vulture pecking at your broken body.



And that’s that! You can follow the highly enjoyable playlist featured above by clicking right here, and make sure to check back next week to see what new tracks make it on.