It’s the second week of February, and while our cup does runneth over with new music – something is amiss. And that sense of emptiness has seeped into this New Music Friday, and it might do the same for those in the future too, unless it is fixed.

By this time in 2017, Katy had whipped us all into a foaming frenzy with her tactically placed disco balls, and Lorde was already prepping a green-tinged reveal for what ended up being the most spectacular single of the year. But here we are, without as much of an inkling of such an event, and it is upsetting and disappointing. Sure, there was Man of the Woods, but also: it was Man of the Woods. If a proper pop star could get their team to slap something together over the next few days, that’d be great.

While we wait though, here are this week’s triumphs and trials:




  • The post-chorus of Skylar Fri’s ‘Gold Rush’ is the audio equivalent of those glamourised car crash scenes in music videos where flying shards of glass catch all the right light and beautifully frame [established pop star]’s head as it’s sensually tossed back due to the collision. INCREDIBLE STUFF.
  • Alex Aris contributed to a very lovely song with Otto Knows and Lindsey Stirling two years ago, and now he’s got a lovely song of his own that we can talk about. ‘Wrong Love’ is a belter so eager to burst into its chorus that even its pseudo-stripped first verse doesn’t last more than a few seconds before letting loose some very obvious rumblings of the grand event being set up behind the curtains.
  • Anne-Marie really is a fucking superstar, isn’t she? While ‘FRIENDS’ is (at least by all visual cues) a Marshmello single, Anne-Marie’s lyricism and delivery takes what would typically be a sidecar scenario, trades it in for a tandem bike, and places her on the very first seat.


  • Noah Cyrus’s latest manages to combine the half-baked insights of Purposeful Pop™ with the tact of any Louis Tomlinson single.
  • A remix bundle may be able to salvage the new Nadine Coyle single but things aren’t looking too bright for that EP, are they?



And that’s that! You can follow the highly enjoyable playlist featured above by clicking right here, and make sure to check back next week to see what new tracks make it on.