A lot of big players have dropped the ball this New Music Friday, which is an unfortunate but fitting end to what feels like the longest month in all of history. And despite that – still no update on a new Rihanna single! What an absolute rip-off.

But before we veer off track (and best believe that is a track we’d love to veer off into), let’s dissect and discuss all the tunes we have to work with this week:




  • The Aces have delivered this week’s best pre-chorus with ‘Fake Nice’ – which is the latest in a string of releases from them that deserve a lot more than what we’ve provided. “Do they not already have millions of plays on Spotify?” you may ask. “Could we not manage a few million more?” is our response.
  • Synth-pop trio Tremors perform an A+ fake-out in the starting seconds of ‘The Rush’, with a synth riff that goes on to be a good and essential earworm throughout the rest of the song. According to their website, the group have a debut EP that’s currently described as “forthcoming” – but if it’s anything like ‘The Rush’ (i.e. like it was inspired by melodrama and slow-moving disco lights), then the whole thing should be well worth the wait.
  • There’s a lot of emotion to unpack in Swimming Girls’ latest. ‘Back of Your Car’ can be a song about love, sorrow, or acceptance depending on how hard you squint your ears, but the song’s maybe at its most potent when you allow it to be about all three.
  • It’s easy to glance at the ridiculously elongated title of what was once known as ‘Joanne’ (a song and album that conceptually were already fairly ridiculous all on their own) and write it off as non-essential single in Lady Gaga’s discography, but when it’s stripped down to its essentials, the grandiosity that made the album version a bit over the top is replaced with a tenderness that sounds far more in sync with what the song means to its performer. It’s a surprisingly emotional send-off to an era that never truly felt as human as it wanted to – and hopefully signals that Gags is ready trade in that hat for something that makes sense indoors as well.


  • In the nicest possible way: Craig David’s career doesn’t make much sense, does it? It’s wild how a once-forgotten popstar has somehow managed a return to relevance on the backs of such unremarkable music – and yet here Craig is, with another album and top ten hit, still doing quite well after his comeback year. Much like 2016’s Following My Intuition, there’s nothing outright offensive on this collection (and we picked that word very carefully) – but there’s nothing that warrants a listen either. The Time Is Now is like the fatigue-filling third quarter of every Spotify NMF playlist, just sloppily wrapped up in the shape of an actual album.
  • It seems wrong to talk about unimaginative releases and not mention the new DNCE single. It is called ‘DANCE’.
  • Julia Michaels singing “they say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you” is the most Blingee-ready lyric to ever hit this planet.
  • Sia’s still doing what she has to do to pay for her own private island.



And that’s that! You can follow the highly enjoyable playlist featured above by clicking right here, and make sure to check back next week to see what new tracks make it on.